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Software Development with Laravel & Vue.js

Software Development with Laravel & Vue.js


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This is a journey to be a good Software Developer where we will cover scratch to deployment. It gives you a wide-ranging education in object-oriented programming (OOP), advanced database concepts, web development fundamentals, and basic DevOps. The hands-on experience you'll gain from building a basic e-commerce project with Laravel and Vue.js will allow you to integrate and apply all the concepts learned throughout the course. The curriculum of this course is designed for students or professionals, who want to start their career in PHP/LARAVEL in future and prepare themselves for it.

Who Can Join This Course?

● Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS. ● Basic Knowledge of any programming Language.

Course Outline

Basic PHP

● Introduction to PHP.
● Basic PHP (Loops, Arrays, Data Types, Conditional Statements, etc.).
● PHP Most used Functions.
● Form Handling Concerns.

Basic Database

● SQL Database & MySql.
● Interact with MySQL with PHP.

OOP Basic

● Principles of OOP and their importance.
● Introduction to OOP.
● Encapsulation beyond Access Modifiers.
● Inheritance.
● Abstraction & interfaces.
● Exploring Trait & Enums.
● Mastering Namespaces and Composer.
● Polymorphism and Type Hinting.

Practical OOP (Will help to Understand Laravel).

● Set Roadmap for Basic MVC Project.
● Create Basic Routing System with Dependency Resolver.
● Service provider.
● Controller.
● Middleware.
● View.
● Model.

Start with Laravel.

● Introduction to Laravel.
● Laravel Routing System(Web & API).
● Service Provider.
● Controller.
● Middleware & policy.
● View.
● Model.
● Laravel request lifecycle.
● Laravel CSRF Protection.
● Laravel Authentication.
● Eloquent Model.
● DB Query Builder.
● Queue/Job.
● Cache.

Advance Database.

● Database Design.
● Relationship / Foreignkey.
● Indexing.
● Normalization.
● Data Consistency.
● Scalability.
● Performance Optimization.

Start laravel Project.

● Requirement Analysis.
● Create a basic e-commerce project.
● Create Model / Migration & relationship.
● Architect project.
● Create Basic Webhook api with actions.
● Create Required web routes with actions.

Start with Vue JS.

● Setup Vue project with Inertia JS.
● Introduction to Vue JS.
● Exploring the Vue.js Lifecycle.
● Composition api.
● Event Handling & Custom Events.
● Working with Props.
● Dynamic Content and Slots.
● Layout Creation.
● Forms and User Input Handling.
● VueX setup & understand.

Back to Laravel Project.

● Implement Admin Login & Admin Panel with VueJS ( Only CRUD for Category & Product).
● Complete e-commerce Home Page.
● Complete Single Product Page.
● Complete Category Product Page.
● Complete Search Page.

Web Development Fundamental.

● PSR & Clean Code.
● Http & Https.
● Apache, Nginx, Caddy.
● Domain Names and DNS.
● Security:
○ XSS.
○ Brute Force Attacks & Rate Limiting.
○ Session & Cookie Management.
○ Data Validation.

Basic DevOps & Docker.

● Introduction to Docker
● Docker images, Container, Dockerfiles, docker compose
● Docker Networking
● Start with Laravel Sail
● Supervisor & pm2
● Linux server introduction
● Linux server setup for laravel
● Serving over domain with Nginx or caddy
● Ssh Access
● Github action for deployment

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