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Professional Programming With Python

Professional Programming With Python


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Professional Programming With Python- course is for those who want to be job ready or to strengthen their CV. This course provides all the python knowledge that someone needs to apply to real-world applications. After this course, students will have their two personal projects and a complete CV and GitHub contributions, increasing their chances of getting a job earlier. Students, who are willing to learn python for programming contests or projects are also requested to join because this course will help them to have a clear concept of the python programming language.

Who Can Join This Course?

Computer and Internet. Good to Have Basic Programming knowledge

Course Outline

Intro to computer programming with python

● How Python execution works.
● What is Interpreted language?
● What is garbage collection?
● Introduction to Complexity
● What is PyCache?
● Project 1 Start.

Python object and data structure

● Introduction to Python Data Types.
● Built-in data structure.
● Primitive and User-defined data structure.
● Data operation practice.

Python statement

● Conditional Statement.
● Sequential Control Flow.
● Decision Control Flow.
● Repetition Control Flow.
● Nested Conditional Statement.
● Linear Search Algorithm.

Python comparison operators and Git

● Introduction to a comparison operator.
● Chaining comparison operator.
● Binary Search Algorithm.
● Introduction to git and GitHub.

Dictionaries and Collection

● Dictionary operations.
● Advanced Dictionary operations.
● Collection operations.
● Advanced Collection operations.

Methods and Functions

● Different types of Functions practice.
● Use of *args and **kwargs.
● Lamda expression and Filter Function.
● Solving programming problems in the online judge.

OOP Practice in python

● Python Class.
● Attributes and method.
● Inheritance and Abstraction.
● Function overloading.
● Operator Overloading.
● Advanced OOP concepts and Practice.

Extra Class 1

● Class no 1 - Class no 7 Revision and Student Support with Q/A Session

Error and Exception handling

● Different types of Python errors.
● Error handling techniques.
● Assertions.
● Sorting Algorithms.

Python Decorator

● Decorator Practice.
● Advanced techniques.
● Solving programming problems in the online judge.
● Project 1 review.

Python Generator and Virtual Environment.

● Generator Practice.
● Advanced techniques.
● Project 1 Complete.
● Virtual Environment Introduction.

Advanced Python module : ML introduction

● Pypi, Pip, Pandas, Numpy.
● Tensorflow.
● Project 2 start (Students select their project on ML or Backend).

Advanced Python module : Django Introduction

● Django framework.
● JSON Manipulation with Rest API in Django.
● Project 2 review.

Working with files and Email

● Reading and Writing on Files.
● Dictionary Listing.
● File Attribute.
● Delete, Copy, Move File and Directories.
● Archive Files and Directories.
● Project 2 review.

Python Lambda and Itertools

● Use of Lambda Function.
● Advanced Lambda operations.
● Different types of Itertools.
● Itertool Permutations.
● Project 2 review.

Extra Class 2

● Class no 9 to Class no 15 Revision and Student Support with Q/A Session

Python metaclasse practice

● Intro to Metaclasses.
● Class Allocation and Initialization.
● Method Visibility.
● Instance Contractor.
● Naming Descriptors.
● Inheritance and Metaclass.
● Magic method.

Byte oriented programming

● Bitwise Operation on Integers.
● Byte-wise Operations with Integers.
● Bytearray Type.
● Memory-mapped Files.

Working with database

● CRUD Operation in Database.
● Project 2 review.

Multithreading and Multiprocessing

● Threading vs Multithreading.
● Multiprocessing Practice.
● Multiprocessing Lock.
● Multiprocessing Pool.
● Project 2 review.

Design Pattern

● Factory Design Pattern.
● Proxy Design Pattern.
● Function Chaining.
● Singleton Design Pattern.
● Composite Design pattern.

Project and CV Review

● Project 2 Complete.
● CV Complete.
● Career Talk.

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Afrin Jaman

I enjoy teaching a lot and also I am very passionate about programming. Working as a senior software engineer right now. I will feel honored to share my knowledge with Devskill students. Hope these students will achieve the goals that they were dreaming of and I can help them through the process with my guidance and experience..

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What Students Said

The course content was comprehensive and well-structured, covering a wide range of topics from basic syntax to more advanced concepts. Afrin Jaman apu was an excellent instructor. She explained complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner, making it easier to grasp difficult topics.Overall, my learning experience was highly positive.

Mohtasim Faiyaz
Mohtasim Faiyaz

Professional Programming With Python Batch: 3

I am pleased to share my experience upon completing the Python course at DevSkill. The course has been comprehensive, well-structured, and highly educational, covering fundamental to advanced concepts in Python programming.I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the instructors of the Python course.Dedication and expertise have been instrumental in making this learning journey both enjoyable and enlightening.My experience with the Python course at DevSkill has been exceptional. The course has significantly enhanced my programming skills and prepared me well for real-world applications. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn Python, whether they are beginners or looking to advance their skills. Thank you, DevSkill, for this valuable learning opportunity!

Rakibul Hasan
Rakibul Hasan

Professional Programming With Python Batch: 3

Her method of teaching, which is very regimented and objective-based but also very adaptive, has proven to be quite successful. We worked together to complete a fantastic course, which I have found to be really helpful in terms of developing a solid foundation in Python.


Professional Programming With Python Batch: 1

This course has so much potential for a beginner learner and the instructor is a friendly, mindful person that anyone can pursue the course quickly..and I have learned a lot of basic as well as professional things which will help me to gain my passion in python.

Mohsina Fyjun Nisa
Mohsina Fyjun Nisa

Professional Programming With Python Batch: 1

I am very happy to inform that the course was very helpful and effective for learning. Instructor was cooperative and academically friendly. She has tried with her best to deliver course insight. I think the course design, structure and implementation are highly appriciable. However, I was an non CSE background person, I will suggest if there is any opportunity to open the course for non CSE bacground people, it would be a new window for the betterment of Dev Skill. Thanks.

Dr Ashek-I-Ahmed
Dr Ashek-I-Ahmed

Professional Programming With Python Batch: 1

Professional Programming With Python

Tk. 7,000
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