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Professional Programming with C# - B16
In this course we will learn all the things that we need to have a good understanding to make ourselves as a good quality software developer, through lots of practice with C# programming language. We also learn almost all advanced topics of C#.

Who Can Join This Course?

Fluent knowledge of C/C++ or any other basic programming language

Course Outline

Getting Started.

● Course Rules.
● Introduction to slack channel.
● Introduction to tracker.
● Introduction to Visual Studio.
● Creating first console project.

Version controlling using git.

● Importance of version control.
● One step VS two step version control.
● Understanding repository.
● Basic git operations.
● Using git using Https & SSH.
● Creating and merging branches.
● Conflict resolution.

Working with basic data types.

● C# data types.
● Variables & constants.
● Array, Multidimensional Array, Jagged Array.
● Input / Output processing.

Statements & Operators.

● Conditional Statements.
● Arithmetic Operators.
● Bitwise Operators.
● Logical Operators.
● Loops.

Operations With Text.

● mportant String methods.
● String formatting.
● Character methods.

Working with Class

● Class.
● Namespaces.
● Field, properties.
● Access Modifiers.
● Auto properties.
● Method Overloading.
● Constructor, Destructor/Finalizer.
● Constructor chaining.
● Readonly, const keywords.

Working More with Classes.

● Static Class.
● Abstract Class.
● Interface.
● Method Override, virtual, new, sealed keywords.
● Partial Class.

Other Types.

● Structure.
● Enum.
● DateTime.
● StringBuilder.
● Parameter Modifier.
● Tuple.
● Nullable type.
● Anonymous object.
● dynamic keyword.

Using Generics.

● Generic Class.
● Generic Method.
● Constraints.
● Default keyword.
● Built in Generic data structures.
● Non-generics collection.

Working with Data Access.

● ADO.NET intro.
● CRUD operations.
● SQL Server basics.

Working with Entity Framework.

● DbContext configuration.
● Entity relationship using fluent API.
● Migrations.
● Data Annotations.

File & Streams

● Use of FileInfo & File
● Use of DirectoryInfo & Directory
● File read & write operations
● Use of Streams
● Use of “using” keyword

Important Interfaces.

● IEnumerable.
● ICloneable.
● IDisposable.
● ICollection.

Learn OOP Principles.

● Encapsulation.
● Inheritance.
● Abstraction.
● Polymorphism.

Learn SOLID Principles.

● Single Responsibility Principle.
● Open Closed Principle.
● Liskov Substitution Principle.
● Interface Segregation Principle.
● Dependency Inversion Principle.

C# Advance Features.

● Delegates.
● Events.
● Func & Action.
● Lambda method.
● Linq.

More Advanced Features.

● Threading.
● Async.
● Exception Handling.
● Indexers.
● Reflection.
● Extension method.
● Expression.

New Features in C#.

● New switch statements.
● Interface default implementation.
● Inverse indexing.
● Records.

Batch 16


Monday and Thursday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Starts from Dec 25, 2023

Last date of registration is Dec 09, 2023 (2 Days Remaining)

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Md. Jalal Uddin

I am founder & CEO of Dev Skill. I am also a software architect, passionate trainer and consultant.

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What Students Said

I realized from here - a clear concept of OOP and GIT. I also learned from this course Entity Framework and SQL. Firstly, of course, basic programming knowledge is the prerequisite. Secondly, in this course, you can't achieve the goal if you can't practice minimum time every day (after finishing the classes). The course tutor is the best I have ever seen in our BD community.

Rashedul Islam
Rashedul Islam

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 14

একজন দক্ষ Software Engineer হওয়ার জন্য ভালোভাবে OOP শেখার বিকল্প নাই। কোর্সটিতে জালাল স্যার আমাদের OOP এর ভিত্তি মজবুত করতে আন্তরিকভাবে চেস্টা করেছেন এবং একই সাথে C# language টাও ভালোভাবে রপ্ত করিয়েছেন। ব্যাক্তিগতভাবে আমি কোর্সটি দ্বারা খুবই উপকৃত হয়েছি, বিশেষ করে স্যার ক্লিন কোড এর উপর জোড় দিয়েছেন যেটা আমার পূর্বেকার পোগ্রামিং নলেজকে নতুন মোড় দিয়েছে, আরো গুছানো ভাবে ভাবতে শিখিয়েছে।

Md. Redwan Hossain
Md. Redwan Hossain

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 14

I have recently completed the Professional Programming with C# course from Dev Skill, and I would like to share my experience with others who are interested in learning C#. The course was very well structured and covered all the essential topics of the C# programming language. The course instructor, Md. Jalal Uddin Sir, was very knowledgeable and experienced in C# development. He explained each concept with clear examples and demonstrations. He also gave us assignments and quizzes to test our understanding and skills. He was always available to answer our questions and doubts during and after the classes. He also provided us with useful resources and tips for further learning and improvement. The course was very interactive and engaging. I learned a lot from the course, and I feel more confident and competent in C# programming now. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn C# programming from scratch or enhance their existing skills.

Md Eakub Islam
Md Eakub Islam

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 14

I am pleased to say that I have indeed benefited from this course. The course content has been well-structured and comprehensive. It covered a wide range of topics, from the basics of C# programming to more advanced concepts like threading, LINQ, and Entity Framework. The lessons were presented clearly and coherently, which made it easier for me to grasp the concepts. The instructors demonstrated a strong grasp of the subject matter. Their explanations were clear, and they were able to provide practical examples that helped in understanding the topics better. I appreciate the way they introduced us to various tools and technologies, such as Git, Visual Studio, and Entity Framework, as these are crucial for a C# developer. Finally, I would like to thank our honorable sir for his dedication to providing us with quality education.

Md. Shabbir Hossain Sourav
Md. Shabbir Hossain Sourav

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 14

This was for me a great journey.I have learned so many things. Everything that i learned here also can be learn from youtube But the difference is in YouTube everything is not organised properly and the obviously difference is the mentor. Sir is pretty dedicated and strict. If you are serious you can sure gain knowledge from here. another best part is though it is a language learning course But you will get to know some other technology like entity framework Mssql, but I think if one want to get the full benefit from this course one should know the basics of programming. Now the negative side here i think is the communication system. Communication with mentor is the place where devskill can work to improve.

istiaque chowdhury
istiaque chowdhury

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 14

Professional Programming with C# - B16

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Registration 2 Days Remaining 43 people already registered
Schedule Monday and Thursday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM Starts from Dec 25, 2023