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Professional Cyber Security - Career Focused Advanced Training

Professional Cyber Security - Career Focused Advanced Training


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Cyber Security is a vital part of day to day Information Technology domain. If you are a programmer, system analyst, system administrator, student or a general computer user, it is better to understand IT Security/ Cyber Security to keep yourself safe and protected from cyber threats and cybercriminals. This course is designed to mentor you with practical labs, industry knowledge & real-life experience. After successful completion of this course, you will have a solid baseline knowledge and confidence to become an IT Security Analyst / Cyber Security Analyst.

Who Can Join This Course?

Basic programming knowledge, PC/Laptop with minimum 8 GB RAM, Ensure 10+ hrs./week practice time. NO EXCUSE attitude.

Course Outline

Course Intro.

● Overall objectives.
● Learning strategies.
● Assignments and tracking.

Introduction to IT & Cyber Security Overview.

● Overview of IT Security.
● Branches & Domains of IT Security.
● Cyber Sec Opportunities / Home & Abroad.
● Job Opportunities in Cyber Security.

Linux fundamentals required for IT Security.

● Linux commands summary.
● Files & directory structures.
● Users and privileges.
● Services.
● Snapd.
● Git use.

Networking fundamentals required for IT Security.

● Networking Devices.
● OSI Layer.
● DNS, Reverse DNS, TCP/IP.
● Subnetting concept.
● Firewall, ACL etc.

Python required for IT Security.

● Strings.
● Conditional Statements.
● Operators & Maths.
● Functions.
● Loops.
● List.
● File Operation.
● API Integration concept.
● Interesting 10+ small security-focused project ideas and how to accomplish them.

Cybersecurity Tools & Applications.

● Recon Tools.
● NMAP more.
● Metasploit.
● Process Hacker.
● X64dbg.
● Linux command automation using parallel.
● Others.

Security Lab Setup.

● VirtualBox.
● Kali.
● XP.
● Metasploit Box.
● Win-Server.
● Win-10.

Reconnaissance Overview.

● Theory.
● Tools & Techniques.
● Lab Simulation.

Scanning and Enumeration.

● Tools & Techniques.
● Enumerating HTTP.
● Enumerating SMB.
● Lab simulation.


● How to be anonymous.
● Proxy chain configuration and use.

MSF Venom.

● Manual payload creation and deployment to Windows System.
● Windows 7, 10 exploit.

Post Exploitation and Privilege Escalation.

● What is a post-exploitation.
● Persistence.
● Lab exercise.

Vulnerability Management.

● How Vulnerability Process work in real life.
● Tools & Techniques.
● Nessus installation and report generation.

Web Pretesting Basics.

● Few Top 10 OWASP Technique simulation.
● Web Pen Test Report Sample.
● Bug bounty basic and how to move forward.

Social Engineering Tools.

● WebCam and Location Access.
● Phishing email simulation.
● SET tool use.

Malware Analysis.

● Malware Types.
● What is Static & Dynamic Analysis.
● How to prepare a lab for Malware Analysis.
● Sample Analysis using Static and Dynamic Method.
● Malware Analysis using OSINT tools.
● Different Malware’s behavioural analysis.

Use of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).

● Tools & Techniques.
● Practical Scenarios.

Incident Response & Analysis - SOC Stages.

● Detail discussion of phases.
● Tools & Techniques.
● Discussion about various real-life scenarios.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

● Introduction to various SIEM solutions.
● Introduction to Splunk (with free Certification).
● Wazuh.

Active Directory Attack Scenario.

● Introduction Lab setup.
● Complete Simulation & practice of AD Attacks.
● Tools related to AD PenTesting.

Phishing Email Analysis.

● Introduction to IDS / IPS System & Lab Setup.
● How to install Snort and create rules to detect threat.

WiFi Hacking.

● Concept.
● Tools and techniques to use.

Security Projects using Python.

● Sample project ideas and implementation.
● How to create custom tools using python.

Windows Forensic.

● Why and when do we need this?
● Basic Registry Architecture.
● Tools for windows forensic and what to analyse?

Overview of CompTIA Security+ Exam.

● Introduction to CompTIA Security+ Exam.
● How to take preparation with a roadmap.
● Official CompTIA LAB Access and practice.

Cloud Fundamentals.

● Azure Fundamentals.
● How to achieve free Microsoft certifications.

Review & Tweaking.

● LinkedIn Profile Review & Tweaking.

Job Interview Preparation

● Mock interview with working Security professionals.

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Mashihoor Rahman

Working as a Cyber Security Analyst (SOC Analyst/Incident Responder) in the Security Operation Center (SOC) at a multinational IT Company, Melbourne, Australia.

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What Students Said

The instructor at I have got at this course Dev Skill named Mashihoor Rahman sir is actual experts in his domains. The practical labs and simulations like identifying vulnerabilities, conducting risk assessments by using security tools Nmap,Metasploit 2,Recon tool, kali linux,ubuntu etc. The availability of these materials was invaluable in reinforcing concepts and expanding understanding. Besides we were introduced some experienced Brothers whom are tell us about their experience and also by showing some of lab. Then at some instruction of theoretical knowledge and from that we got some certificate ; The certification awarded upon completion serves as the acquired skills and knowledge. All things considered, the cybersecurity course offered by Dev Skill has been a fascinating journey.

Luthfea Washefa
Luthfea Washefa

Professional Cyber Security - Career Focused Advanced Training Batch: 5

This course is designed for all entry-level cybersecurity positions, including SOC Analyst, Pen Tester, Bug Bounty, Threat Analyst, and more. I recently registered for this course and simultaneously completed several complimentary free courses within the cybersecurity domain. The instructor advised us to complete these free courses, proving to be very friendly and helpful.

Rakibul Islam
Rakibul Islam

Professional Cyber Security - Career Focused Advanced Training Batch: 5

I have never seen such a careful trainer to build the career of students.


Professional Cyber Security - Career Focused Advanced Training Batch: 4

Alhamdulillah it was a wonderful journey with Dev Skill, specially mentor Mashihoor Rahman Sir such an amazing guide to grow enthusiasm within student and lead to consistent progress. Overall course curriculum is based on solid structure and up to mark. Anyone with basis knowledge can cope up with this balanced syllabus. Few basic classes helped to understand the advanced topics as well as more advanced topics were also conducted in extra classes. Within wide range of domains and huge resources course-based guideline can lead anyone to precise target. Hope Dev Skill will be more visible in upcoming days. This course helped me to be more confident and consistent. My cordial respect and prayer to my mentor Mashihoor Rahman Sir.


Professional Cyber Security - Career Focused Advanced Training Batch: 4

The course was packed with up-to-date material and real-life aspects that helped me better understand the different fields of Cyber Security. Moreover, we got a mentor with a genuine interest in helping us succeed. Rather than just presenting the theoretical concept he was also concerned about providing practical and relevant examples. This made the course feel more enjoyable, and applicable, and I left feeling much more interested in applying my learnings.

Anindita Acharjee
Anindita Acharjee

Professional Cyber Security - Career Focused Advanced Training Batch: 4