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Professional Programming With Python

Professional Programming With Python


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Professional Programming With Python- course is for those who want to be job ready or to strengthen their CV. This course provides all the python knowledge that someone needs to apply to real-world applications. After this course, students will have their two personal projects and a complete CV and GitHub contributions, increasing their chances of getting a job earlier. Students, who are willing to learn python for programming contests or projects are also requested to join because this course will help them to have a clear concept of the python programming language.

Who Can Join This Course?

Computer and Internet. Good to Have Basic Programming knowledge

Course Outline

Intro to computer programming with python.

● How python execution works.
● What is Interpreted language.
● What is garbage collection.
● What is PyCache.

Python object and data structure.

● Introduction to Python Data Types.
● Built-in data structure.
● User-defined data structure.
● Data operation practice.

Python statement.

● Conditional statement.
● Sequential Control Flow.
● Decision Control Flow.
● Repetition Control Flow.
● Nested Conditional Statement.

Python comparison operators and Git.

● Introduction to comparison operator.
● Chaining comparison operator.
● Introduction to git and GitHub.

Dictionaries and Collection.

● Dictionary operations.
● Advanced Dictionary operations.
● Collection operations.
● Advanced Collection operations.

Methods and Functions.

● Different types of Functions practice.
● Use of *args and **kwargs.
● Lamda expression and Filter Function.
● Project 1 Start.

OOP Practice in python.

● Python Class.
● Attributes and method.
● Inheritance and Abstraction.
● Function overloading.
● Operator Overloading.
● Advanced OOP concepts and Practice.

Error and Exception handling.

● Different types of python error.
● Error handling techniques.
● Assertions.

Python Decorator.

● Decorator Practice.
● Advanced techniques.
● Project 1 review.

Python Generator and Virtual Environment.

● Generator Practice.
● Advanced techniques.
● Project 1 review.
● Virtual Environment .

Advanced Python modules 1.

● Pypi, Pip, Pandas, Numpy.
● Tensorflow.
● Project 1 Complete.

Advanced Python modules 2.

● Flask API.
● JSON Manipulation.
● Project 2 start (Students select their project: ML or Backend).

Working with files and Email.

● Reading and Writing on Files.
● Dictionary Listing.
● File Attribute.
● Delete, Copy, Move File and Directories
● Archive File and Directories.
● Project 2 review.

Python Lambda and Itertools.

● Use of Lambda Function.
● Advanced Lambda operations.
● Different types of itertools.
● Itertool Permutations.
● Project 2 review.

Python metaclasses.

● Intro to Metaclasses.
● Class Allocation and Initialization.
● Method Visibility.
● Instance Contractor.
● Naming Descriptors.
● Inheritance and Metaclass.
● Magic method.

Byte oriented programming.

● Bitwise Operation on Integers.
● Byte-wise Operations with Integers.
● bytearray Type.
● Memory-mapped Files.

Working with database.

● CRUD Operation in Database.
● Project 2 review.

Multithreading and Multiprocessing.

● Threading vs Multithreading.
● Multiprocessing Practice.
● Multiprocessing Lock.
● Multiprocessing Pool.
● Project 2 review.

Design Pattern.

● Factory Design Pattern.
● Proxy Design Pattern.
● Function Chaining.
● Singleton Design Pattern.
● Composite Design pattern.

Project and CV Review.

● Project 2 Complete.
● CV Complete.
● Career Talk.

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Afrin Jaman

I enjoy teaching a lot and also I am very passionate about programming. Working as a senior software engineer right now. I will feel honored to share my knowledge with Devskill students. Hope these students will achieve the goals that they were dreaming of and I can help them through the process with my guidance and experience..

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Professional Programming With Python

Tk. 7,000
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