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Professional Programming with C# - B12
নিজেকে ভালো মানের সফটওয়্যার ডেভেলপার হিসাবে তৈরি করতে আমাদের প্রাথমিকভাবে যে যে বিষয়গুলোতে খুব ভালো ধারণা রাখতে হয়, সে সকল বিষয়গুলো এই কোর্সে আমারা সি# প্রোগ্রামিং ল্যাঙ্গুয়েজ দিয়ে প্রচুর প্র্যাকটিসের মাধ্যমে শিখব। পাশাপাশি C# এর প্রায় সকল এডভান্স টপিকও শিখব।

Who Can Join This Course?

Fluent knowledge of C/C++ or any other basic programming language

Course Outline

Getting Started

● Course Rules
● Introduction to slack channel
● Introduction to top tracker
● Introduction to Visual Studio
● Creating first console project
●Version controlling using git

Working with basic data types

● C# data types
● Variables & constants
● Array, Multidimensional Array, Jagged Array
● Input / Output processing

Statements & Operations

● Conditional Statements
● Arithmetical operations
● Bitwise operations
● Logical operations
● Loops

Operations With Text

● Important String methods
● String formatting
● Character methods

Working With Class

● Class
● Namespaces
● Field, properties
● Auto properties
● Constructor, Destructor/Finalizer
● Access Modifiers
● Readonly, const keywords

Working More Classes

● Static Class
● Abstract Class
● Interface
● Override, virtual, new, sealed keywords
● Partial Class

Other Types

● Structure
● Enum
● DateTime
● StringBuilder
● Parameter Modifier
● Tuple
● Nullable type
● Anonymous object

Using Generics

● Generic Class
● Generic Method
● Constraints
● default keyword
● Built in Generic data structures
● Non-generics collection

Important Interfaces

● IEnumerable
● ICloneable
● IDisposable
● ICollection

Learn OOP Principles

● Abstraction
● Encapsulation
● Inheritance
● Polymorphism

Learn SOLID Principles

● Single Responsibility Principle
● Open Close Principle
● Liskov Substitution Principle
● Interface Segregation Principle
● Dependency Inversion Principle

File & Streams

● Use of FileInfo & File
● Use of DirectoryInfo & Directory
● File read & write operations
● Use of Streams
● Use of “using” keyword

Working with Data Access

● ADO.NET intro
● CRUD operations
● SQL Server basics

Working Entity Framework

● DbContext configuration
● Entity relationship using fluent API
● Migrations
● Data Annotations

C# Advance Features

● Delegates
● Events
● Func & Action
● Lambda method
● Linq
● Expression

More Advanced Features

● Async
● Exception Handling
● Indexers
● Reflection
● dynamic keyword

New Features in C#

● New switch statements
● Interface default implementation
● Inverse indexing
● Records
● New C# using statement

Batch 12


Monday and Thursday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Starts from Sep 05, 2022

Last date of registration is Aug 31, 2022 (17 Days Remaining)

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Md. Jalal Uddin

I am founder & CEO of Dev Skill. I am also a software architect, passionate trainer and consultant.

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What Students Said

This course is one of the best beginner level programming courses i have ever attended. Jalal Sir is one of the best programming instructor with lots of experience on the field. It was a great learning journey from the start to the end. I am very grateful to our respected teacher for teaching us many advanced topics. I will refer this course to anyone who is interested in basic c#, problem solving with c#, database programming with c# and also c# advance features. I have learnt a lot from this course. And the course fee is also worth it. I am also looking forward to join the ASP.NET mvc course in future.

Md. Musarrat Hossain Chowdhury
Md. Musarrat Hossain Chowdhury

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 9

Alhamdulillah. This course was awesome. Special thanks to Md. Jalal Uddin sir for his special teaching. At the same time, he gave us special guidelines for our career which is really important. He is an experienced person so we have got a clear and right career guideline. At last, he motivated us to do hard work. If you want to learn ASP .NET MVC you should have admitted to this course first because I have done this course. Otherwise, ASP .NET course will be very hard for you. So consider this course first before ASP .NET MVC, you will be benefitted In_Sha_Allah.

Md. Faisal Mahmud
Md. Faisal Mahmud

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 9

Alhamdulillah, It was an amazing journey with Dev Skill. I was looking for an online course where I can actually learn. Then I found Dev Skill and enrolled in this course. Our instructor Jalal Uddin Sir was always trying to motivate us and help us to get the maximum benefit out of this course. I really enjoyed all of his classes. I would like to thank Jalal Sir for his excellent mentorship. My Opinion who want to take this course please learn one of the basic programming languages like C or C++(data type, loop, condition, array, string, computer fundamental) to make this course more useful to you. As a student, if anyone really wants to learn then he/she must need to do more and more practice to increase his/her programming skill that is what Sir was kept reminding us throughout the course.

Shamim Hosen
Shamim Hosen

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 9

যদি কেউ আসলেই C# ভালোমতো শিখতে চাই তাহলে এই কোর্স তার জন্য।আমি গত ২ বছর Youtube ঘাটাঘাটি করে যা সিখেছি,এই ২ মাসে তার চেয়েও অনেক বেশি শিখেছি।এই কোর্স করার আগে C++ অবশ্যয় ভালোমতো শিখে আসবেন।

Md Sojib Hosen
Md Sojib Hosen

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 9

Undoubtedly the best tech training center in Bangladesh. I must say educator's sincerity throughout the course. heartiest gratitude to Sir Jalal Uddin for organizing this kind of professional courses. Wishing, one day Bangladesh IT industry will move with Devskill-Students.

Nato Das
Nato Das

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 9

Professional Programming with C# - B12

Tk. 8,000
Registration 17 Days Remaining 30 people already registered
Schedule Monday and Thursday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM Starts from Sep 05, 2022