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Professional Cyber Security - Career Focused Advanced Training

Professional Cyber Security - Career Focused Advanced Training


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Cyber Security is a vital part of day to day Information Technology domain. If you are a programmer, system analyst, system administrator, student or a general computer user, it is better to understand IT Security/ Cyber Security to keep yourself safe and protected from cyber threats and cybercriminals. This course is designed to mentor you with practical labs, industry knowledge & real-life experience. After successful completion of this course, you will have a solid baseline knowledge and confidence to become an IT Security Analyst / Cyber Security Analyst.

Who Can Join This Course?

Basic programming knowledge, PC/Laptop with minimum 8 GB RAM, Ensure 10+ hrs./week practice time. NO EXCUSE attitude.

Course Outline

Course Intro.

● Overall objectives.
● Learning strategies.
● Assignments and tracking.

Introduction to IT & Cyber Security Overview.

● Overview of IT Security.
● Branches & Domains of IT Security.
● Cyber Sec Opportunities / Home & Abroad.
● Job Opportunities in Cyber Security.

Linux fundamentals required for IT Security.

● Linux commands summary.
● Files & directory structures.
● Users and privileges.
● Services.
● Snapd.
● Git use.

Networking fundamentals required for IT Security.

● Networking Devices.
● OSI Layer.
● DNS, Reverse DNS, TCP/IP.
● Subnetting concept.
● Firewall, ACL etc.

Python required for IT Security.

● Strings.
● Conditional Statements.
● Operators & Maths.
● Functions.
● Loops.
● List.
● File Operation.
● API Integration concept.
● Interesting 10+ small security-focused project ideas and how to accomplish them.

Cybersecurity Tools & Applications.

● Recon Tools.
● NMAP more.
● Metasploit.
● Process Hacker.
● X64dbg.
● Linux command automation using parallel.
● Others.

Security Lab Setup.

● VirtualBox.
● Kali.
● XP.
● Metasploit Box.
● Win-Server.
● Win-10.

Reconnaissance Overview.

● Theory.
● Tools & Techniques.
● Lab Simulation.

Scanning and Enumeration.

● Tools & Techniques.
● Enumerating HTTP.
● Enumerating SMB.
● Lab simulation.


● How to be anonymous.
● Proxy chain configuration and use.

MSF Venom.

● Manual payload creation and deployment to Windows System.
● Windows 7, 10 exploit.

Post Exploitation and Privilege Escalation.

● What is a post-exploitation.
● Persistence.
● Lab exercise.

Vulnerability Management.

● How Vulnerability Process work in real life.
● Tools & Techniques.
● Nessus installation and report generation.

Web Pretesting Basics.

● Few Top 10 OWASP Technique simulation.
● Web Pen Test Report Sample.
● Bug bounty basic and how to move forward.

Social Engineering Tools.

● WebCam and Location Access.
● Phishing email simulation.
● SET tool use.

Malware Analysis.

● Malware Types.
● What is Static & Dynamic Analysis.
● How to prepare a lab for Malware Analysis.
● Sample Analysis using Static and Dynamic Method.
● Malware Analysis using OSINT tools.
● Different Malware’s behavioural analysis.

Use of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).

● Tools & Techniques.
● Practical Scenarios.

Incident Response & Analysis - SOC Stages.

● Detail discussion of phases.
● Tools & Techniques.
● Discussion about various real-life scenarios.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

● Introduction to various SIEM solutions.
● Introduction to Splunk (with free Certification).
● Wazuh.

Active Directory Attack Scenario.

● Introduction Lab setup.
● Complete Simulation & practice of AD Attacks.
● Tools related to AD PenTesting.

Phishing Email Analysis.

● Introduction to IDS / IPS System & Lab Setup.
● How to install Snort and create rules to detect threat.

WiFi Hacking.

● Concept.
● Tools and techniques to use.

Security Projects using Python.

● Sample project ideas and implementation.
● How to create custom tools using python.

Windows Forensic.

● Why and when do we need this?
● Basic Registry Architecture.
● Tools for windows forensic and what to analyse?

Overview of CompTIA Security+ Exam.

● Introduction to CompTIA Security+ Exam.
● How to take preparation with a roadmap.
● Official CompTIA LAB Access and practice.

Cloud Fundamentals.

● Azure Fundamentals.
● How to achieve free Microsoft certifications.

Review & Tweaking.

● LinkedIn Profile Review & Tweaking.

Job Interview Preparation

● Mock interview with working Security professionals.

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Mashihoor Rahman

Working as a Cyber Security Analyst (SOC Analyst/Incident Responder) in the Security Operation Center (SOC) at a multinational IT Company, Melbourne, Australia.

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