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Full Stack Core MVC Web Development

Full Stack Core MVC Web Development


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This course is designed to fill up important gaps in your journey to become a professional software engineer. In this course you learn about industry good practices and professional software development process. So, it is not limited to only, rather you will gain knowledge about OOP, Cloud computing, Unit testing, Docker, Worker Service, Web API etc. Also, you will get valuable knowledge about software industry, interview process, career planning etc. If you pass in the course, you will also get chance in a 2 months unpaid internship program, where you will get chance to work in a team on a real-world project. At the end of the course, you will feel comfortable & confident about your journey to become a professional software engineer. Successful interns will be given career counselling and placement recommendation to various top level software companies.

Who Can Join This Course?

You have to pass in our "Professional Programming with C#" course.

Course Outline

Getting Ready

● Get to know each other
● Purpose of learning
● Proper way of learning

Tool Installation

● Installing Visual Studio
● Installing SQL Server
● Installing Git & Tortoise Git
● Installing Docker
● Installing VS code

Version Control

● Why we need version control
● One step vs Two step version control
● Github overview
● Using git through SSH
● Understanding Gitflow
● Use case of tortoise git
● Using git commands

C# Overview

● Linq
● Delegates & Events
● Threading
● C# 7 & 8 & 9 new features
● Collections
● Reflection Core MVC Nuts & Bolts

● Understand project types and structure
● Model - View - Controller in depth
● Using NuGet
● Using configuration & routing
● Using serilog

Understanding Razor

● Concept of layout and child page
● Tag helpers & Html helpers
● Partial view
● Sections

Frontend development

● Understand bootstrap grid
● Understanding SASS
● Implementing bootstrap theme
● Using data tables

Dependency Injection Configuration

● Using service collection
● Using Autofac

Working with TypeScript

● Installation & configuration
● Important TypeScript language features

Working with SQL Server

● Creating and managing database
● Working with tables
● Working with stored procedures
● Permission control
● Backup and restore database

Data access with

● configuration
● Good practices
● CRUD example with

Working with Entity Framework

● Understand ORM
● Code first overview
● Create Entity
● Apply Migrations
● Annotation and Relations
● Fluent API
● DbContext
● Using good practices

Creating Data Access Layer

● Implement Repository Pattern
● Implement UnitOfWork Pattern
● Apply good practices

Implementing Core Identity

● Configure Identity
● Convert Page based code to MVC
● Configure Authentication
● Customize Service classes
● Move Identity Code in separate project
● Configure Authorization
● Implement JWT Authorization
● Role based authorization
● Policy based authorization
● Claim based authorization
● Implementing CORS

Working with Web API

● Why we need Web API
● Understanding Web API structure
● Working with Postman
● Apply JWT to restrict access

Dockering Core project

● Why we need docker
● Creating docker image
● Creating docker container
● Common docker commands
● Working with docker hub
● Deploy Core MVC project in docker
● Using docker-compose

Testing Project

● Understand Unit Tests
● Unit Test good practices
● Using Automoq
● Understanding code coverage
● Assertion using Shouldly

Object Oriented Principles & Patterns

● Understanding SOLID principles
● Understanding other 5 important principles
● Understanding creational patterns
● Use case, class & sequence diagrams

Create Web App with Angular

● Creating Angular app using Visual studio & npm
● Angular project structure
● Connecting Angular App with Web API
● Create new component & module
● Apply good practices

Working in AWS

● Understand cloud computing basics
● AWS Pricing
● Regions & Availability zones
● Use EC2 features
● Apply load balancing & auto scaling
● Use S3 bucket
● Use SQS
● Use DynamoDB


● Project requirement planning
● Project management process
● Code review


● Mid term exam
● Final exam
● Project Demo

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Md. Jalal Uddin

I am founder & CEO of Dev Skill. I am also a software architect, passionate trainer and consultant.

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What Students Said

Alhamdulillah, In the single word ‘Marvelous’ and this is more than a course. I learned a lot more than just a framework. Writing code is easy but clean and reusable code are not but this course taught me how to write clean, fixable and reusable code. Jalal sir also shared valuable insights into the software industry, career path of a Software Engineer, what we should do and not in our career and many other things. I wish there were more classes to learn. Thank you Jalal Sir and Dev Skill Team (Jazakallah Khairan).

Riad Hossain
Riad Hossain

Full Stack Core MVC Web Development Batch: 6

জালাল স্যার অনেক দক্ষ ও আন্তরিক একজন শিক্ষক। এই কোর্স থেকে সি শার্প ব্যবহার করে এএসপি ডট নেট ফুলস্ট্যাক ওয়েব ডেভেলপার হওয়ার জন্যে প্রয়োজনীয় সবকিছু শিখতে পারবেন। সততা ও পরিশ্রম ছাড়া এই কোর্সে পাশ করা অনেক কঠিন। এই কোর্সে কিছু জিনিস উন্নতি করা যেতে পারে। কিছু ক্লাসে মনে হয়েছে স্যার আগে থেকে ক্লাসের কোড তৈরি করে ও প্রস্তুতি নিয়ে আসেননি। এই জায়গাটায় উন্নতি করা দরকার। আর স্ল্যাক চ্যানেলে স্যার আরেকটু একটিভ হলে ভালো হবে।

Md Rana Mahmud
Md Rana Mahmud

Full Stack Core MVC Web Development Batch: 6

Alhamdulillah, successfully completed the course by the grace of almighty Allah. Special thanks to Jalal Uddin sir for all his efforts to guide us towards a successful career. This is not just Course, a career guideline I would rather say.

Akter Nashid Rajin
Akter Nashid Rajin

Full Stack Core MVC Web Development Batch: 6

This was a great journey with a hardworking teacher MD. Jalal Uddin. Besides the class lessons, he also provides important knowledges about industrial perspectives. It was really very fun and interesting learning from him.

Sabbir Ahammed
Sabbir Ahammed

Full Stack Core MVC Web Development Batch: 6

I would say this course is a package for a fresher to start his/her career and also for a job holder who have lack of knowledge.

Fatema Khanam
Fatema Khanam

Full Stack Core MVC Web Development Batch: 6