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Competitive Programming - Intermediate

Competitive Programming - Intermediate


Tk. 6,000

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If you want to improve your basic algorithmic problem solving skill and improve in National contests and Codeforces contests, you should enroll in this course. We will conduct the course in a suitable way even for the very beginners. After completing this course, you should be able to solve the basic algorithmic and data-structure problems and have a clear idea of what to learn for the Advanced Level. Course highlight: Learn to solve problems Assignment for every lesson taught in the class We will help you debug in the beginning It will give you a head start for your university algorithm and data-structure classes

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C/C++ programming language

Course Outline


i) Time/Memory Complexity, examples of nested loops and recursions


i) introduction, mechanism, library functions
ii) vector
iii) Stack/queue/deque
iv) Priority Queue
v) set/map/multi/unordered

Binary Search

i) Binary Property
ii) Lower and upper bound
iii) Using binary property in complex problems

Ternary Search

i) Ternary Property
ii) Using ternary property in complex problems


i) Recursive equation
ii) Divide and Conquer
iii) Quick select
iv) Inversion count


i) Recap
ii) Merge sort
iii) Quick sort


i) Substring, Subsequence, substring, palindrome, anagram recap
ii) Matching
iii) Hashing


i) Prove/disprove greedy approach
ii) Task scheduling
iii) Fractional knapsack
iv) Coin Change
v) And many more

Number Theory

i) Sieve of Eratosthenes
ii) Factorization
iii) Fermat's little theorem
iv) Modular Arithmetic
v) Totient function

Disjoint set union

i) Mechanism
ii) Various applications

Graph theory

i) Introduction and definitions
ii) Storing graphs

Graph Travarsal and shortest path

ii) Various properties and applications
iii) Dijkstra


i) Brute force
ii) Permutation generation
iii) Graph coloring

Dynamic programming

i) Introduction, properties, states
ii) Ancestors of DP: Fibonacci, Factorial, nCr
iii) Classics and variations

Segment Tree

i) Basic segment Tree

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Md Shahriar Hossain Sajib

SWE | Google | Ex-Samsung | Problem Solver

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What Students Said

I didn't learn much from my university about C++. But doing this course, I have a little grasp of this language. About the instructor, he's one of the best teachers I have ever seen. He did a great job. Thank you.

Soumik Sarker
Soumik Sarker

Competitive Programming - Intermediate Batch: 15

This course is excellent for gaining insights into effective question-solving approaches and enhancing learning techniques. Md Sadman Sakib is not only knowledgeable but also exceptionally friendly and approachable, which contributes significantly to the overall learning experience. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to learn effectively.

MD. Sobhan Mridha
MD. Sobhan Mridha

Competitive Programming - Intermediate Batch: 15

Throughout the course, I've come to realize the true beauty of competitive programming. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Sadman vaiya for the knowledge and skills he has imparted during this course. His teaching techniques were not only effective but also engaging, making the learning process enjoyable.

Samia Afrin
Samia Afrin

Competitive Programming - Intermediate Batch: 15

It was an amazing course. This course helps me to reach in basic to intermediate programming level. I would like to give a rating of 9.8 out of 10. Md Sadman Sakib brother is really very good teacher for the low, mid, and high great students. Her teaching technic is really amazing. I can learn a lot about problem-solving technic and future guidelines from Md Sadman Sakib brother. Md Sadman Sakib brother helps us 24/7 through message communication which increases my dedication.


Competitive Programming - Intermediate Batch: 14

I'm proud of catching two Googlers in this course on Dev Skill. I've learned from here step by step how to think of solutions. Now, my personal opinion is without completing the beginner course/programming don't join this intermediate batch. The course quality is so good. The course tutor is well-experienced and fully passionate. For everybody - don't miss any class and you need to practice for at least 3 hours each day. Anyone can choose this course who has a big dream.

Rashedul Islam
Rashedul Islam

Competitive Programming - Intermediate Batch: 14

Competitive Programming - Intermediate

Tk. 6,000
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