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Competitive Programming - Beginner - B11
Solving a problem is meaningless if you can't convert it to a workable code in a contest that covers all the edge cases. Solving a problem, writing its code in an efficient language is a must for a problem solver. And currently, the fastest known coding language for a competitive programmer is undoubtedly C++. We will go through each C++ concepts needed for a competitive programmer in order to ace in contests and problem solving.

Who Can Join This Course?

Good logic sense. Familiarity with at least one programming language will even boost your learning, but it is not mandatory.

Course Outline

Basic Computer Fundamentals

● Components of computer.
● How CPU, Memory / RAM works and why do we need them.
● Number System, thinking in terms of number system, example of using it in
problem solving.

First Program in C++

● IDE vs Compiler.
● Compiling, Running and Understanding First Program.
● Coding styles and header files.
● Variables and C++ I/O.

Data Types and Operators

● Understanding Data Types and Constants.
● Working with Arithmetic Expressions.
● Relational, Logical and Conditional operators.
● Bitwise operators and their tricky applications.

Making Decisions

● The if and if-else Statement.
● Nested if and if-else Statement.
● The switch Statement
● Boolean Variables


● Loops - While and For
● Loops - Do-while
● Break, Continue, Goto and Labels


● Defining and Initializing Arrays.
● Operations: Find, Insert, Erase, Copy, Reverse, etc.
● Subarray, Subsequence.
● Multidimensional Arrays and Variable-Length Arrays.


● Arrays of Characters.
● Variable-Length Character Strings.
● The Null String, Escape Character.
● String in C++.
● Palindrome, Anagram.

Working with Function

● Defining a function.
● Arguments and Local Variable.
● Returning function results.
● Global, Automatic and Static Variables.
● Call by Pointers, Call by Reference.

OJ's and Code sharing sites

● IDE vs Compiler.
● Introduction to various OJ i.e. CF, UVA, Codechef, vjudge etc.
● Introduction to code sharing sites.

Complexity Analysis

● Time/Memory Complexity, examples.
● Recaping previous topics in terms of complexity.


● Insertion and selection sort
● Counting sort
● Using in problem solving
● STL Sort

Binary search

● Insight of binary search and binary property.
● Binary search on arrays.
● Binary search on math problems.
● Bisection in geometry problems.
● Complexity Analysis.

Structures and Classes

● Using structure.
● Operator Overloading.
● Arrays of Structures.
● Sorting of structures.
● Structures Containing Array.
● Basic Object Oriented Programming.


● Insight, recursive equation
● Binary search with recursion

Number Theory

● GCD, LCM, Divisibility.
● Primality check and generation.
● Sieve of Eratosthenes.
● Basic Modular Arithmetic.
● Combinatorics from HSC.

A glimpse of the next course

● Data Structures: Vector, Stack, Queue etc.
● Algorithms: Fast sorting.

Technical Assignment

● A final technical assignment from the whole syllabus to assess the overall
learning of a student.

Batch 11


Sunday and Wednesday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Starts from Aug 28, 2022

Last date of registration is Aug 20, 2022 (6 Days Remaining)

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Sharif Minhazul Islam

I am a competitive programmer with 7+ years of experience in participating in many national & international contests. I love teaching, problem solving and learning new tech. CF Handle: MinhazIbnMizan.

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What Students Said

Masha'Allah, the course was a great experience and I can't say enough good things about our instructor. The course can really help kick start your journey. If you wish to get results from the course, just don't plan on slacking off.

Sadik Mina Dweep
Sadik Mina Dweep

Competitive Programming - Beginner Batch: 9

I enjoyed the class and learned so many things.The instructor's teaching method was perfect.I genuinely learned about competitive programming.I think it will help me to simplify the next steps.Thanks to "Dev Skill" for giving the opportunity to learn like this.


Competitive Programming - Beginner Batch: 9

Assalamualikum. Alhamdulillah. Devskill's every course is awesome. In this course, our instructor was Sadman Sakib Bhaiya. Sakib Bhaiya has taken the class very sincerity. He has covered each topic in the easiest way. This course was very helpful for me. I have learned many things from this course.

Sabbir Ahmed
Sabbir Ahmed

Competitive Programming - Beginner Batch: 9

class onnek valo chilo.... but beginner der jonno kosto....!!!

Md Habib Khan
Md Habib Khan

Competitive Programming - Beginner Batch: 9

একদম বেসিক থেকেই শুরু হয় তবে c/c++ একটি ভাষায় কিছুটা নলেজ থাকলে ভালো।কোর্স ইন্সট্রাক্টর সাদমান সাকিব ভাইয়া অসাধারণ একজন মানুষ।এককথায় well-planned অসাধারণ একটি কোর্স।

Ibrahim Shah
Ibrahim Shah

Competitive Programming - Beginner Batch: 9

Competitive Programming - Beginner - B11

Tk. 5,000
Registration 6 Days Remaining 33 people already registered
Schedule Sunday and Wednesday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM Starts from Aug 28, 2022