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Backend Development with Django

Backend Development with Django


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This course is for those who want to be job ready or to strengthen their CV. This course provides all the Django and Backend Technology knowledge that someone needs to apply to real-world applications. After this course, students will have their personal projects and a complete CV and GitHub contributions, increasing their chances of getting a job earlier. Students, who are willing to learn Django for University projects are also requested to join because this course will help them to have a clear concept of Django and Backend technology.

Who Can Join This Course?

Who have completed our professional programming with python course or those who have good understanding of Python and want to learn back-end development in professional life or those who are interested in learning any new framework.

Course Outline

Python Fundamental for Django

● Course Introduction
● Python Fundamentals for Django.
● Python OOP Skills for Django.
● Backend Technology Overview.
● Project Plan and Discussion.

Getting Started with Django

● Virtual Environment.
● Git setup and Django setup.
● Introduction to Django Framework with Detailed Discussion of Each Module.
● How Django works as a Backend Framework.

Django Apps and Template

● Django DTL (pass data backend to frontend and vice versa)
● Django Apps and Routes and View
● Django Admin
● Git and GitHub
● Project 1 review

Django Forms and URLs

● Django Form, Form API
● Dynamic URL
● Django Views
● Pagination
● Project review

Creating Django Database Models and Migration

● Database Settings.
● Create Django Models.
● Django ORM and ORM Relationships
● Django Model operations in Views.
● Database Inspection from Django.
● Project review.

Class Based Views

● DetailView, ListView, RedirectView
● FormView, CreateView, UpdateView
● Class-Based Permission Check
● Project review


● Create Serializers.
● Create JSON.
● ORM Queries in Views.
● JSON Operations.

Rest API (DRF).

● Intro to Postman.
● CRUD API in Django Part 1.
● Error Handling.
● Project review

Django Login and Signup.

● User Table Add to Database.
● User SignUp.
● User Login and Authentication.
● Project 1 complete

Session Management with JWT.

● JSON Web Token.
● Authentication v/s Authorization.
● Session Management for authorization.
● Project 2 start

Common web application tools

● Caching, Logging,
● Sending Emails
● Session and Sitemap,
● Static FIle management
● Data Validation

Django Unit Tests.

● How to Write and Run Tests.
● Adding New Tests to Django Project.
● Request Factory.
● Multiple Host Names.
● Testing Frameworks.
● Project review.

Django API testing with Postman.

● CRUD API in Django Part 2.
● Error Handling.
● Advance Techniques of Postman.

Other core functionalities

● Conditional content processing
● Content types and generic relations
● Flatpages, Redirects
● Signals
● System check framework
● The sites framework

Middleware and Exceptions.

● Writing Own Middleware.
● Activation.
● Order and Layering.
● Middleware Hooks.
● Django Exception Handeling.
● Project review

Django Security

● Security Overview
● Disclosed security issues in Django
● Clickjacking protection
● Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection
● Cryptographic signing
● Security Middleware
● Project review

Dockerize Django App.

● Intro to Docker.
● Add Docker to the Project.
● CI/CD overview.

Performance and optimization and Caching

● Introduction to caching in Django with Redis
● Working with Redis
● Project 2 complete.

Django Background Task Celery

● Background Task
● Sending messages between Django applications
● Worker processes through Redis or RabitMQ
● System design and DevOps overview

Deployment and CV Review.

● Server Setup.
● Deployment Checklist.
● Deploy on AWS/Heruko.
● Career Talk and CV review.

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Afrin Jaman

I enjoy teaching a lot and also I am very passionate about programming. Working as a senior software engineer right now. I will feel honored to share my knowledge with Devskill students. Hope these students will achieve the goals that they were dreaming of and I can help them through the process with my guidance and experience..

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Backend Development with Django

Tk. 10,000
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