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AWS Solution Architect Associate With DevOps Level Learning

AWS Solution Architect Associate With DevOps Level Learning


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This course is designed to help you pass AWS Solution Architect Associate certification exam. Though this is a certification-focused course, it will heavily focus on practical work and hands-on learning. Besides that, you will gain valuable knowledge about exam preparation. Course highlights You will have access to an AWS account to practice everything on your own You will get video recordings from each class Practical assignments that help you get familiar with real-world cloud applications Group activity among students to share knowledge Real-Time experiences shared with the students Online Test Exam. We have added some extra items to this course so that you can understand how AWS DevOps Platforms work.

Who Can Join This Course?

1-2 years of software development/system admin/IT infrastructure/Network Admin related experience is recommended.

Course Outline

Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

● Introduction to Cloud Computing.
● Cloud Environment Architecture.
● Cloud Computing Models.
● Introduction to Amazon Web Services.
● AWS Global Infrastructure.

Compute Services (EC2, AMI Etc.).

● Launching our first EC2 instance.
● EC2 instance types & Pricing Models.
● Creating AMI and Image Templates.
● Understanding Security Groups.
● Load Balancing & Auto Scaling.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

● Introduction to Network Switches & Virtual Private Cloud.
● VPC & Subnets.
● Private and Public Subnets.
● Internet Gateways, VPC Peering & NAT Gateways.
● VPN Setup.
● IP Addressing in AWS.


● Introduction to Block & Object storage mechanism.
● Introduction to Elastic Block Store - EBS.
● EBS Snapshots.
● EBS Volume Types.
● Instance Store Volumes.
● Introduction to Simple Storage Service (S3).
● Features of S3.
● Storage Types.
● Static Website Hosting.
● Basics of Athena.
● Introduction to EFS.
● Connect a drive via network.
● Share the drive among multiple servers.
● Amazon Glacier.
● AWS Snowball.
● Storage Gateways.

Amazon Route 53.

● Introduction to DNS.
● Understanding DNS Records.
● Introduction to Route53.
● Register a Domain using Route 53.
● Manage DNS Hosts.

Security & Identity Services, IAM.

● Understanding the IAM Policies.
● IAM User, IAM Policy, and IAM Role.

AWS CloudFront.

● Introduction to CloudFront.
● CloudFront with S3.
● CloudFront Advanced Concepts.

Database Services (RDS, NoSQL Service).

● Introduction to Relational Databases.
● Creating our first database structure in MySQL.
● Getting started with DynamoDB.
● Know about ElastiCache, Redshift.


● Getting Started with Containerization.
● ECS Services and Tasks.
● Load Balancing in ECS.
● ECS Scaling.

Serverless Computing.

● Serverless Introduction.
● Lambda.
● Setting up Server Auto Start with a Lambda Function.
● Elastic Beanstalk.
● Host a Sample PHP website using Elastic Beanstalk.
● API Gateways.

Management Tools (Amazon Cloud watch).

● Understanding CloudWatch.
● Setup Alarms for Matrix changes.
● Auditing AWS environment with CloudTrail.
● Schedule Event Rules using Target based services.

IaC service.

● Introduction to CloudFormation.
● Practical Implementation.

Decoupling Applications.

● Amazon SQS.
● Amazon SNS.
● Amazon SES.
● Kinesis Overview.


● Getting Started with AWS CLI.
● AWS CLI setup on EC2 instances.
● Connect EC2 instance with other AWS services likeS3 or SNS or SES.

AWS Encryptions.

● AWS Security.
● KMS Overview.
● SSM Parameter Store.
● CouldHSM.

Migration Service and Disaster Recovery.

● Database Migration Services.
● DataSync Overview.
● AWS Backups.

DevOps tools and leveraging it in AWS Fundamentals.

● AWS DevOps tool’s introduction.
● AWS CI/CD Pipeline Deployment Automation with the necessary tools.

Other Services.

● AWS Key Management Service.
● Systems Manager Parameter Store.
● Developer Tools: • AWS X-Ray.
● AWS Budgets.
● Amazon AppFlow.
● AWS Data Pipeline.
● Amazon Kinesis.
● AWS Glue.

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Khalid Bin Sattar

Over 13 years of field-level and job experience in Systems Administration, DevOps, and Cloud Computing. Also certified AWS Solution Architect Associate, Certified Kubernetes Administer, Certified DevOps Generalist, Certified Azure Administrator Associate

What Students Said

I am very happy with the course “AWS Solution Architect Associate with DevOps Level Learning”. The mock questions are useful, the know points are well taught. Excellent instructor. Very good content with great examples. The instructor is knowledgeable and engaging.

Md Moyeenuddin Khan
Md Moyeenuddin Khan

AWS Solution Architect Associate With DevOps Level Learning Batch: 1

Alhamdulillah, I acquired a foundational understanding of cloud computing through this course. The instructor was knowledgeable and friendly. Despite the short duration of the course, delving deeply into each topic was challenging, but it provided sufficient insight to embark on the journey of cloud computing with AWS.

Akter Nashid Rajin
Akter Nashid Rajin

AWS Solution Architect Associate With DevOps Level Learning Batch: 1

I want to express my gratitude for the insightful AWS Solution Architect Associate With DevOps Level Learning course. Khalid Bin Sattar VI's expertise and clear explanations made complex concepts easy to grasp. The hands-on approach and well-designed exercises enhanced my practical skills. Kudos to the Dev Skill team for seamless organization and support. This course has equipped me with valuable AWS knowledge for my future endeavors.

Mizanur Rahman
Mizanur Rahman

AWS Solution Architect Associate With DevOps Level Learning Batch: 1

I found the AWS Solution Architect Associate with DevOps Level Learning course provided by Dev Skill to be well-organized and overall beneficial. However, I believe there is an opportunity for improvement in providing clearer explanations of certain concepts. Perhaps allocating more time to cover these topics in depth would be helpful. Nevertheless, I appreciate the effort put into the course, and it was a valuable learning experience for me.

Md. Mehadul Islam
Md. Mehadul Islam

AWS Solution Architect Associate With DevOps Level Learning Batch: 1

Undoubtedly, the course was amazing. And the course instructor was good as well. But it seems like, the course length was too short to deep dive all the topics. I hope, the course duration would be increased, and someone will have instructed the students after class time. I think, the course instructor remains busy after class time and cannot answer the student's questions in proper time.

Md. Saiful Islam
Md. Saiful Islam

AWS Solution Architect Associate With DevOps Level Learning Batch: 1