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Mango Inc is one of biggest company of tech world now a days. Sales team of Mango Inc decided to launch a new campaign for their latest product **“who_cares_what_is_that”** . Unfortunately this turned around as a disaster of their marketing history. Now they know why name of product is matter as customer do cares what they buy. Campaign run for n days and each day m number of customer comes to visit. They used another of their product **“I_am_the_best”** to count number of customer come each day. Unfortunately during post campaign postmortem it turned around a faulty system and for some days it count negative amount of customer which definitely not happen. Mango Inc CEO mr **‘matha_nosto’** is very angry for this. He wants to know maximum number of customer lose ( if I < j , if number of customer visit in I<sup>th</sup> day is greater than number of customer visit in J<sup>th</sup> day, surely there is some customer lose ) between any two days of the campaign. And also there may have some scenario where during campaign Mango Inc didn't lose any customer just like sample case number three. Input: ------ Input starts with an integer T (**1 <= T <= 1000**), denoting the number of test cases.Each case contains an integer n (**2 ≤ n ≤ 100000**). Here n corresponds to the number of days the campaign run and each of next n lines contains an integer m ( **absolute value of m is less than <= 1000000** ) , number of customer visit the campaign that day. Output: ------- For each test case, print a line **“Case x: y”** where x is replaced by the test case number and y is maximum number of customer lose by Mango Inc. Sample Input ------------ 3 2 100 20 4 4 3 2 1 4 1 2 3 4 Sample Output ------------- Case 1: 80 Case 2: 3 Case 3: -1

Problem Setter:

Shakil Ahmed

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Problem Limits

Language Time Limit (seconds)
C 1.00
C++ 1.00
C++14 1.00
C# 2.00
Go 2.00
Java 2.00
JavaScript 2.00
Objective-C 2.00
Perl 2.00
PHP 2.00
Python 2.00
Python3 2.00
Ruby 2.00
VB.Net 2.00

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