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**Pahela Baishakh** is the traditional new year day of the Bangladesh. This year all of us celebrated this day on 14th April of English calendar, Interesting thing is that, On the same date, Nepali people also celebrated Nepali new year known as Naya Barsha 2074 ( Baishakh is also the first month of Nepali Bikram Sambat Calendar ). However, Nepali people celebrated new year -2074 by saying "**Shuva naya barsha 2074**" to each other while Bangladeshi people celebrated this new year -1424 by saying "**Shuvo nobo borsho 1424**". Basically there is 650 years differences between these two calendars. Now, your task is to convert the new year wish of one language to another one. That means if you have given input with the wish format of Bangladeshi new year, then you have to convert it into the new year wish format of Nepali language and vice versa. See the examples for more details. Input: ------ Input starts with an integer **N (1 ≤ N ≤ 10)** denoting the number wishes texts. The next N line will contain a valid message in one of the following format: Shuva naya barsha X Shuvo nobo borsho Y Where X and Y are positive integer greater than 1000 and upto 3000. If input is of format 1 , then this is Nepali New year wish, convert it into format 2 replacing given X with corresponding Bengali year. If input is of format 2 , then this is Bengali New year wish, convert it into format 1 replacing given Y with corresponding Nepali year. Output: ------- For each case of input, output a line with either Bengali New year wish or Nepali New Year wish by converting one language wish to another with year conversion. Sample Input ------------ 3 Shuvo nobo borsho 1424 Shuvo nobo borsho 1414 Shuva naya barsha 2074 Sample Output ------------- Shuva naya barsha 2074 Shuva naya barsha 2064 Shuvo nobo borsho 1424 **Explanation:** In the first case of sample, the given string contains a wish of Bengali format. So, at the output line we convert wish of Nepali format and also convert corresponding year 1424 in Bangla to corresponding Nepali year eqauls 1424+650 = 2074 in Nepali year. **Some Useful Links for New Year:** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bengali_calendar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vikram_Samvat

Problem Setter:

Bishal Gautam

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Problem Limits

Language Time Limit (seconds)
C 0.20
C++ 0.20
C++14 0.20
C# 0.50
Go 0.50
Java 0.50
JavaScript 0.50
Objective-C 0.50
Perl 0.50
PHP 0.50
Python 0.50
Python3 0.50
Ruby 0.50
VB.Net 0.50

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