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Dev Skill team likes to test intelligence of internship candidates through various puzzle questions. One of such question was to ask the distance between two opposite corners of a box. A box is considered to be a 3D object and all its sides have 90 degree angle with the opposite plane – that is all sides creates 90 degree corner with its adjacent sides. ![box image][1] Please check the box above. All its corners are marked with letters ‘A’ to ‘H’ and a red line is drawn between ‘A’ and ‘D’. In this problem you need to measure the length of AD. We will provide you 3 lengths AB, BC and CD. You need to measure AD as output. Input: ------ Input starts with an integer **T (≤ 30)**, denoting the number of test cases in first line of input. Each test case will have 3 numbers separated by space in a line of its own, which denotes AB, BC and CD in sequence. All these 3 numbers are greater than zero and less than 1000. Number can be fractional as well but none of them will have more than 2 digits after the decimal place. Output: ------- For each test case, print the length of AD in a line with up to 2 decimal places. Sample Input ------------ 3 1 1 1 1.0 1.0 1.0 3.00 3.00 3.00 Sample Output ------------- 1.73 1.73 5.20 [1]: https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/devskillimagestorage/questionimages/dacbe9f2-6b16-c1f1-1cb5-08d2e21f106b_cb4b92e720da4a30ae719bff896f94ef_W313xH222.png

Problem Setter:

MD. Jalal Uddin

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Problem Limits

Language Time Limit (seconds)
C/C++ 1.00
Java 2.00
C# 2.00
PHP 2.00

Problem Stats




# User Language Timing
01 ishrafislam2727 Cpp 0.00s
02 abufarhad Cpp 0.00s
03 joy25896 Cpp 0.00s
04 sharifuls991s Cpp 0.00s
05 MarufAhmed Cpp 0.00s
06 The_Viper Cpp 0.00s
07 Mubeen Cpp 0.00s
08 Mehedi07 Cpp 0.00s
09 Abdullah2222 Cpp 0.00s
10 rafsandevs Cpp 0.00s
11 SaMi_012 Cpp 0.00s
12 ash12 Cpp 0.00s
13 seyedssz Cpp 0.00s
14 Avijeet Cpp 0.00s
15 Light_Yagami407 Cpp 0.00s
16 shayekh01 Cpp 0.00s
17 Tawhidur_Rahman Cpp 0.00s
18 golapraj Cpp 0.00s
19 maxhasan Cpp 0.00s
20 mahrahat Cpp 0.00s
21 gazi93 Cpp 0.00s
22 lazyfahim Cpp 0.00s
23 gulzar Cpp 0.00s
24 creative Cpp 0.00s
25 mahamud_BU Cpp 0.00s
26 rabib Cpp 0.00s
27 jayed_al_hasan Cpp 0.00s
28 Kira Cpp 0.00s
29 Sojal Cpp 0.00s
30 terminator_c Cpp 0.00s
31 ammasum Cpp 0.00s
32 biswajitdas Cpp 0.00s
33 Iqbal1013 Cpp 0.00s
34 tssovi Cpp 0.00s
35 Nurul_CSE Cpp 0.00s
36 rezaul_karim Cpp 0.00s
37 sakib_buddy Cpp 0.00s
38 mustakim Cpp 0.00s
39 raja Cpp 0.00s
40 2apreety18 Cpp 0.00s
41 shawon100 Cpp 0.00s
42 Nazmul0092 Cpp 0.00s
43 zunayeds Cpp 0.00s
44 mhsjaber Cpp 0.00s
45 sadia2427 Cpp 0.00s
46 Khayrul_34 Cpp 0.00s
47 abd007 Cpp 0.00s
48 JubayerSohel Cpp 0.00s
49 Rayhanpatoary Cpp 0.00s
50 mamunparvez Cpp 0.00s

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