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Arif is just a 1st year computer science student. His elder brother Hasan on the other hand is a 4th year computer science student and a very good programmer. But Hasan is a bit naughty and he likes to make fun of his younger brother by giving him task to fool him. This time Hasan told his brother Arif to write a program that takes 2 integers as input and prints the division result but the only condition is he has to print up to a certain digit with accuracy. Arif being a new programmer feels this is an easy task and writes the code. But unfortunately his program does not print the result accurately enough after the decimal point and fails for the following input: **X = 22, Y = 7, P = 25** Here X is the 1st number, Y is the 2nd number and P is the total digits after the decimal place that he needs to print for the division result. Arif’s program prints the result as: **3.14285714285714** but the correct result should be: **3.1428571428571428571428571**. Arif feels sad as he has failed the challenge again, but this time he asks for your help to complete the task. Please help poor Arif in this problem. Input: ------ First line of the input will consist of an integer which represent the test case **T (0<T<=30)**. Each test case contains 3 integers X, Y, P. You can assume **(0 > X, Y, P <=100)**, that is X, Y and P all will be greater than zero and less than or equal to 100. Your task is to divide X with Y until you print P digits after the decimal point of the result. Output: ------- For each test case print the division result as mentioned above in its own line. Sample Input ------------ 3 22 7 25 4 2 10 1 12 7 Sample Output ------------- 3.1428571428571428571428571 2.0000000000 0.0833333

Problem Setter:

MD. Jalal Uddin

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Problem Limits

Language Time Limit (seconds)
C/C++ 1.00
Java 2.00
C# 2.00
PHP 2.00

Problem Stats




# User Language Timing
01 haasib Cpp 0.00s
02 rayhan50001 Cpp 0.00s
03 murad_al_wajed Cpp 0.00s
04 Logic_Hunter Cpp 0.00s
05 mahrahat Cpp 0.00s
06 terminator_c Cpp 0.00s
07 sadia2427 Cpp 0.00s
08 Masum_ice Cpp 0.00s
09 abufarhad Cpp 0.00s
10 deder Cpp 0.00s
11 Ratul728 Cpp 0.00s
12 SakibAlamin Cpp 0.01s
13 giash_uddin Cpp 0.01s
14 nazmul_bzs Cpp 0.01s
15 ash12 Cpp 0.01s
16 Ishrak Cpp 0.18s
17 ih_hira Cpp 0.21s
18 ddevilred1 Cpp 0.35s
19 moshiur_cse15 Cpp 0.38s
20 sazal_dev Cpp 0.39s
21 Ansarul_14 Cpp 0.39s
22 anowar1112 Cpp 0.48s
23 showmic Cpp 0.49s
24 rana_cse Cpp 0.50s
25 swapnil Cpp 0.50s
26 Dinar Java 1.66s
27 mahbub07 Java 1.82s

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