Coding Problems

ID Title Diffculty Level Solve/Submission Status uDebug
DCP-01 Big Sum Medium 100/1052
DCP-02 6-N-Cryption Easy 47/283
DCP-03 Maze Tester Easy 23/54
DCP-04 Great!!! The Work Is Done Beginner 286/1469
DCP-05 Solve the Recursion Easy 97/276
DCP-06 Thief of deVillage!!! Easy 27/59
DCP-07 Friendly URL Easy 20/84
DCP-08 Get the Numbers Easy 17/89
DCP-09 Kick the Football Easy 5/17
DCP-10 Mina and Raju Medium 2/34
DCP-11 Product Owner’s Problem Hard 30/50
DCP-12 Pagination Easy 17/52
DCP-13 Banglawash Beginner 286/499
DCP-14 Box Beginner 186/299
DCP-15 Filter Medium 0/5
DCP-16 Mr. And Mrs. A Medium 21/62
DCP-17 Tourist Hard 4/27
DCP-18 Number Sort Easy 107/324
DCP-19 Multiplication Interval Hard 5/41
DCP-20 Back to School Beginner 184/308
DCP-21 BAN vs IND Medium 6/19
DCP-22 Number Base Easy 38/128
DCP-23 Another Bigmod Problem Hard 120/332
DCP-24 Water Supply Hard 9/19
DCP-25 Palindrome Beginner 149/667
DCP-26 Reverse Beginner 168/511
DCP-27 Is It Prime? Beginner 223/758
DCP-28 Circle and Square Beginner 137/447
DCP-29 Common String Beginner 32/99
DCP-30 Count It Beginner 103/163
DCP-31 Divide and Fool Easy 28/66
DCP-32 The Grid Beginner 66/113
DCP-33 Catch Me If You Can Beginner 32/252
DCP-34 Number of Digits Beginner 216/420
DCP-35 Square Number Beginner 233/422
DCP-36 Swapnil And Shibli Easy 41/58
DCP-37 Walky Walk Medium 7/14
DCP-38 Mysterious Pond Beginner 122/211
DCP-41 Innovative Birthday Gift! Easy 96/115
DCP-46 Hall Of Fames Of JU Programming Society Beginner 142/1541
DCP-59 Permutation Easy 66/233
DCP-60 Holloween Party Hard 23/148
DCP-61 Drive In Grid Easy 42/77
DCP-62 HTTP Server Easy 27/50
DCP-63 Cyclic String Easy 43/171
DCP-64 Friendship Restaurant Easy 18/63
DCP-65 Magical Bank Beginner 144/293
DCP-69 Miraclaw and funny sum Beginner 70/86
DCP-71 Mahir’s TREAT Hard 8/20
DCP-74 Mobile Key Beginner 139/255
DCP-75 How Dumb one can be Hard 9/49
DCP-76 How Lazy one can be Medium 1/117
DCP-77 Mr. X and Super Triangle Easy 9/39
DCP-78 String_bonacci Easy 32/145
DCP-79 A Song of Ice and Fire Medium 12/36
DCP-80 You don’t use Lacebook? So backdated! Easy 30/155
DCP-82 Chicken Lover Beginner 284/378
DCP-85 Tomorrow is Eid !! Beginner 245/373
DCP-86 Round Robin Tournament Beginner 27/298
DCP-87 Credit Shop Easy 72/260
DCP-90 Businessman Asif Medium 14/36
DCP-91 String lovers Hard 3/16
DCP-92 Divided by Whom ? Medium 22/115
DCP-94 Coin puzzle Medium 13/43
DCP-97 Hide and Seek Medium 104/222
DCP-98 How Lazy One can be Part 2 Medium 87/254
DCP-99 Problem Selection Medium 14/69
DCP-103 Make Sixovisible Medium 21/82
DCP-104 Why I am and Ludu Medium 20/57
DCP-105 Faulty Coin Medium 5/159
DCP-106 Tazz's Cricket Easy 162/330
DCP-107 Maximum Block Sum Hard 9/40
DCP-111 Chocolates Easy 151/404
DCP-114 Triples Medium 38/741
DCP-115 Hasan and Numbers Hard 8/55
DCP-116 “What is that” and Prime Medium 69/270
DCP-117 Not Easy But Not Hard Beginner 241/595
DCP-118 Rearrange Digit Hard 10/62
DCP-119 Hard Task Medium 40/139
DCP-121 My Girlfriends Easy 25/210
DCP-122 Arnab the Ax-Man Medium 7/69
DCP-125 One Math to Save Them All Medium 16/72
DCP-126 Find The Number Medium 9/32
DCP-128 Galib and Hasan Again Easy 150/537
DCP-130 K-Perfect Number Medium 16/65
DCP-131 Contest Prize Medium 2/8
DCP-134 Special Prize Medium 23/92
DCP-135 Abundant Number Easy 160/477
DCP-138 The Last Fibonacci Medium 161/672
DCP-139 Game Show Medium 38/137
DCP-140 The Largest Factor Medium 90/173
DCP-141 Motku Hard 6/29
DCP-143 Dot Game Easy 104/231
DCP-147 Brother's Challange Easy 239/469
DCP-150 Ohani And The Link Cut Tree Hard 9/41
DCP-154 Square Sum Difference Easy 277/502
DCP-160 Electricity Failure Medium 21/136
DCP-162 Love And Fight Easy 110/415
DCP-165 Easy Geometry Medium 172/328
DCP-166 POS System Beginner 190/324
DCP-167 High school series Beginner 342/538
DCP-169 Where is the gold? Beginner 137/271
DCP-172 Password Matcher Medium 1/32
DCP-173 Robotic Problem Medium 35/174
DCP-174 Troubles With Germs Hard 36/71
DCP-177 Modified Golbach's Conjecture Medium 40/110
DCP-180 We Love Eight Medium 144/719
DCP-183 Orthi and Factorial - II Easy 15/21
DCP-184 Easy Sequence Beginner 344/562
DCP-185 Maximum Difference Medium 69/135
DCP-186 Make It Palindrome Medium 91/303
DCP-187 Beloved Uncle Beginner 151/578
DCP-189 Codeforces Username Medium 68/433
DCP-190 Divisor - Multiple Easy 51/388
DCP-191 Counting Multiples Easy 149/578
DCP-192 Bicycle Beginner 226/753
DCP-193 My Merit Position Easy 166/646
DCP-194 Number Formatting Beginner 221/391
DCP-196 Break Simulator Beginner 440/629
DCP-201 Mr Papon and Nasir Hard 28/66
DCP-204 Shooting Game Medium 44/132
DCP-205 Balance String Medium 22/178
DCP-207 Mina and Raju Part 2 Hard 46/172
DCP-208 Distinct Prime Easy 60/360
DCP-209 Sorted array Medium 7/10
DCP-210 Gabu and the Series Beginner 249/422
DCP-215 Too Easy Easy 177/605
DCP-218 Pacman Medium 13/18
DCP-219 Write an algorithm Medium 97/781
DCP-220 Friendly game Beginner 21/51
DCP-221 Maximum and Minimum Beginner 183/395
DCP-228 Substring and Subsequence Hard 11/58
DCP-231 Finding Biggest Power Medium 21/39
DCP-233 New Year Shopping Medium 1/10
DCP-238 Even divisor Medium 175/993
DCP-243 The 9th Power Easy 304/600
DCP-244 Name for new Baby Easy 80/186
DCP-245 Escape from Grid-land Hard 16/123
DCP-251 Journey By Circle Medium 122/401
DCP-254 Cube Game Beginner 235/749
DCP-255 Parand()thesis Hard 23/82
DCP-272 Find the Intersection Easy 109/343
DCP-273 Vely Easy Problem Beginner 285/459

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